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Originally posted by TheOssusKeeper
it seems that it updated and or replaced all the necassary files and the ones i already had copies of i.e. .ncs and the .nss files it skipped... but all still seems to be working good...
Hmm, perhaps I should have mentioned this more specifically since you aren't the only one who has done that mistake, so it isn't obvious how it works...

Files modified by the patcher are copied to the override folder while they are modified (only if they didn't already exist there in the case of 2da files).

Thus, 2da files or GFF files that the patcher has changed something in should not be added to the InstallList of files as well, since they have already been installed when they were modified. If done and you set them to just be copied the most you will get is a warning that the files already exists.

However if you set them to replace existing files in the InstallList you will overwrite the GFF files the patcher has just modified with new unmodified copies from the tslpatchdata folder, which you usually don't want.

You should also replace the content of the info.rtf file in the tslpatchdata folder with either the readme or some kind of installation instructions. This is the text that is displayed in the main window when the installer is started.

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