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BD, I think you missed the part where any arrow can easily be blocked with a conjured force shield/that nifty armor the Aesir/Guy have and almost everyone is wearing.

I doubt the group would be giving up any high tech equipment, especially to people they can't necessarily trust, when so much is at stake. If the Agamarians don't like that? Too bad. How a few thousand/hundred thousand/million/billion quirky indigenous people feel is irrelevant when you balance it against "we need to save our universe".

Maybe if the Agamarians (IS there one?) actually posed a good reason, they could be convinced to leave it behind. Else...

Also: The Agamarians engaging the group in single combat would be a stunningly good way to slaughter themselves, if the group has magic/Futhark available to them, whether or not the Agamarians are "heroic" or not.

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