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Clan Name: The Photon Raiders
Clan Tag: =TPR=
Clan Leader: =TPR=Wilde
Platform: PC
Factions : All
Time Zone : All
Clan Web Site:

There are lots of really competitive clans out there but we have tried to create somewhere for people who just love the game and wanted to be part of something bigger.

At the moment there are organized events like clan tournament (e.g. sniper, rocket and fighter) as well as training at the weekends so that we can all learn skills and tricks to increase our enjoyment of the game. For those who are more competitive we have regular clan battles.

We are currently running 2 dedicated servers. 1 public 32 slot server running all maps, 24/7 and 1 private server for =TPR= members only. The private server will run theme weeks mid week, e.g. Custom map, No vehicle or Flying only weeks. At the weekend it will run as a practice server except for matches and tournaments. We also have the use of a 50 slot Ventrilo server.

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