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BD: Not necessarily (from the groups view point). There is nothing to say that Hal is in charge or even alive after twenty years. And Loki's shape changing ablitiy will make them suspicous anyways (Loki would have a lot of fun impersonating Hal btw).

I'm a little curious. How would the Agamari know the group gave up all their high tech weapons in the first place (do a strip search)? Also why do they need sacrificial animals?

And just some additional points:

1. The Group has pack creatures already that do more then just carry luggage.

2. The Asgardried may not be able to, but a Drake can land to the North and each could easily carry a number of group members.

3. Any Aesirian technology will only work for an Aesir or someone they designated. If it falls into the hands of an enemy it would destroy itself, so the threat of it falling into enemy hands doesn't really worry the Aesir.

4.By the time the group goes to Tarsis there will roughly be less than two years left. The group is going to risk far more than in previous threads.

5. Loki will arm the Tarsai with what we would consider modern weapons (aka. Guns, bombs etc). Eventaully though Loki would send the Fire Jotuns to scorch the planet.
and just few other things:

1. I'm really toying with the idea of having the Asgardried stay in orbit and have the drakes ferry the group to the planet.

2. At Midgard it was a 100+ to 1 so the group facing 10/20 to 1 is a great imporvement for them not to mention the added bonus that once a Tasia is killed they stay dead.

BD: Ya I picked up on the hospitality thing. The Aesir have a similar belief in that guests must be treated very well (not because they could be a god). In PTH you see what happens when the Aesir don't see the person as a true guest (take Allessa on Midgard, there she was a tresspasser and normally would have been executed, actually the star destroyer would have been destoryed before she ever got to the planet). In Cantina on Godsheim station you see more proper treatment.

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