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((JM: I said some sleep, I had about three hours.

BD: Not a famous mountain by any means or even that big of a one compared to the others I've been on, its named Rocky mt. It was a short trip so wasn't carrying a lot, about 70oz of water, 8.2 oz knife, first aid kite, compass, map etc. All told maybe 90oz or 5.6 pounds.

To the story: I'm assuming Orthos has arrived at the lounge and taken a seat.))

*Heimdall talked softly to Idona as they waited for the remaining members of the group to arrive at the main lounge. When everyone finally arrived and took a seat Heimdall stepped to the center of the room.*

Heimdall: I called everyone here since there are some issues that we need to discuss. But before we start and anyone asks we are enroute to the Resan system, its will be a two day journey so I'll talk more about our destination later.

Now to the matters at hand. First there is going to be a new rule aboard this ship. Since this group was formed and we began this quest we have excelled at insulting each other and general infighting. We are all guilty of doing this to one degree or another, and I will no longer tolerate it. As such if you cannot act civil towards each other, you will not be welcome aboard the Asgardried, you don't have to like one another but I expect you to be polite and treat each other with respect. Marin, please tell your two friends about this new rule and the other rules on this ship. Also if you want them to stay aboard tell me and I'll assign them quarters.

This brings me to the main reason why everyone is here and what needs to be discussed. Guy a little while ago contacted me with concerns about the future of this group. Both of us agree that the group is on the verge of falling apart, I think this is rather obvious to anyone who pays attention.

The reason for this I believe is a lack of leadership among the nonaesir as well as a mutual distrust of each other. I want these problems to be resolved hopefully before the day is out, but definetly before we reach the Resan system. If you have an idea on how to resolve these issues please give it, or if you see a problem with anothers idea speak up. Just keep in mind everyone will be civil towards each other.

To start things off I'll tell you what I told Guy. I think it is unreasonable given the situation to expect you to follow Vidar's and my orders especially without a say. At the same time we Aesir will not follow one of your orders especailly without a say. As such I propose we set up a triad of sorts, three people in charge to make snap decisions when needed. One of these three will be an Aesir, the others would be two of you *Heimdall motions to the nonaesir*. However, when we don't need snap decisions like in times of transit or when waiting for the map to change we can have councils like this where everyone has an equal voice.

Does anyone have comments or other ideas?

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