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Okay, well first off no matter who was in charge the group could trust the Agamari. Thats not to say the Agamari wouldn't try to kill them but they'd be totally honest about it.

Second, the Agamari would ask for Vidar's word on behalf of the group. If any of the group transgressed they would expect Vidar to forfeit his life. Or they could ask for the word of each member of the group individually, in which case if they broke their word they would forfeit their own life. I'm guesing that Vidar would go with two, as he doesn't trust some of the group.


1. They do? Great. Do they have mounts too because The Agamari aren't exactly going to be lending out swaybacks. We're talking full on 16-18 warhorses, fully trained and very well looked after.

2. I have things planned that would make that decidedly unpleasent, read fatal, for the group and not a lot of fun for the Drakes either. I've seen the things bleed so I'm assuming that if you get under the scales they can be hurt if not killed.

3. Yeah, but its still gone. Better to leave it at home.

4. 260,000 arrows is a big risk, I refuse to believe that the group could block all of them. I mentioned before these aren't conventional arrows, I'd reckon on punching through mithril plate at a hundred paces.

5. Well he could try, sorta like giving Plains Indians machine guns and assault rifles to fight the 7th. Either they'll break or all the Indians will get caught in their own crossfire.


1. Read above.

2. I thought it was 35,000 to 1 At Midgard there were no flaming arrows.

Final note: I figured you had picked up on it, just wanted to make sure.

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