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The group had been on the move for over two hours when they heard the thunder of hooves behind them. Turning in his sadle Hal saw thirty riders gallop out of the trees two hundred paces distant, they were coming from behind and too the left.

"Yarh! Move!" Hal gestured to urge the others on even as he kicked his horse into a canter the black stallion snorted and stretched his as he ran.

See the danger a second later and spurred by Hal's warning the others pushed their horses fowards. The ground was rough and strewn with rocks but their pursues were gaining and the group threw abandoned caution for speed. Looking over his shoulder Drago saw the black cloaks streaming out behind their pursuers and the segmented black armour the wore. "Hell Riders, Agori," he shouted over the wind of their passage.

Hal cursed, "We can out run them, the horses are good."

Draskus, still in the lead, pointed, "Perhaps, but what about those bastards?" he asked, with a hint of bitter humour.

Hal followed the man's arm and this time his oath was truely obcene, emerging from the trees to their right were another thirty riders, "We kill them," Hal said, with grim determination. Suiting actions to words Hal drew his longsword from the scabard on his sadle, "Form wedge!" he shouted and the warriors formed a fighting wedge with Daskus at the point, Hal to his right and a bear of a man call Regnor on his left.

Daskus already had two bolts loaded into his crossbow and a twenty places from the riders infront of then he loosed both, one after the other. "Take those you whoresons," he screamed. One black garbed warrior pitched from the sadle while the other slumped onto his horses neck, spooking the animal enough to through it and two other mounts off the charges. Dropping the weapon to his belt he swept up his two short swords, then the riders were apon him.

On Daskus' right Hal was slashing and hacking with barely restrained fury, how dare they try to stop him, he could even see the entrance to the Dura Pass in the near distance. Screaming an inarticulate warcry Hal beheaded one of the Hell Riders with a single handed cut. On the left Regnor slashed at one rider's throat but the man swayed away and Regnor barely blocked the reposte, then they were through and headed for the pass at a full gallop.

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