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BD: You missed the point entirely. Loki as a master of deception and lies could easily personate an Agamari and then lead the group into a trap. Hence the group cannot trust the Agamari. Idun could penetrate Loki's disguise if she got near him. So if you want the group to trust the Agamari they are going have to pass Idun's approval and since she would need to get near them either two things would need to be done: 1. The Aesir put a sword tip next to the Agamari's neck ready to kill him/her as Idun test them. 2. The Agamari goes to Idun unarmed.

As far as a group member giving up their life if they have technology discovered on them. The Agamari can expect that all they want but it won't happen, if the group believes it is necessary to carry a piece of technology then they will regardless of how insulted the Agamari become. They are trying to save a galaxy on the verge of destuction being polite/diplomatic won't be a concern form them.

1. I thought you may have guessed the creatures would be the drakes. Needless to say no mount that the Agamari would provided would be able to be worn on a Drake.

2. I doubt that for reason we have already stated. Mainly since you don't know the ablities of a Drake where I do. As I've said multiple times Drakes are immortal, they can bleed since they are alive and have blood but it won't hurt them. Not to mention getting under their scales is nearly impossible to begin with.

3. Doesn't matter to much when you have more weapons then people. Although this doesn't matter to much since I've already said the Aesir won't be taking their high tech items. This mainly centers around Guy.

4. No it isn't. For an arrow to be dangerous it has to reach the group which they wouldn't. Idun can create a dome shield around the group where the arrows wouldn't penetrate first off. And how are these arrows not conventional? Until you tell me I can't tell you when they would be able to pierce Mithril.

5. The 7th what? Also with only a little training the Tarsai should be able to grasp how a gun works. Same for the plain indians.

The Aesir were also denied the ablitiy to use the Futhark at Midgard as well. I get the impression that you want the group to be totally dependent on the Agamari for this portion of the quest? If this is the case it wont' happen.

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