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First off, I get the Loki thing, all I'm saying is that the group can trust the Agamari. As far as holding a sword to someone's throat, well I think they'd go in for a trade. Vidar can hold a sword to Hal's throat but only if Drago can hold a sword to Heimdall's throat.

The tech point, well the best way to avoid that is just not have it come up. What the Agamari don't see won't upset them. Don't upset them.

1. Point taken but the group may well have to go places the Drakes can't really follow. Also if the group flys they'll miss all the stuff I have lined up and whats the point of a quest with no danger.

2. Sorry, I wrote that is less than perfect English. It would be almost certainly fatal for the group, the Drakes might get the odd nick under the scales. Use your imagination, its not much of a leap but I just plain don't want to give it away. Sorry.

3. Well, yeah, okay. What if it was Guy's favorite do-hicky? The one his mother gave him?

4. Well I still don't but indestructable shields, from anything less than Gods that it is, so I assume that put under enough pressure the shield would fail. Seems reasonable, not that I'm trying to force you into being resonable.

5. 7th Cavalry? The Little Big Horn? I meant that if you got the Indians to use those weapons with Indian tactics you might find a lot of accidental blue on blue.

About the arrows:

On pure mechanics you're looking at a wooden longbow with a draw weight of around 70-90 pounds. The arrow is 28 inches longs, weighs around 1 1/4 pounds and has a bodkin head.

So its pretty good for starters. Here's the thing, the arrows' heads are made of Agamarian Steel, which is the same light, hard metal used in their armour. Now you may recall that an Agamarian sword can punch through mithril in certain curcumstances. Added to this, when fired the arrow is wrapped in energy of an indeterminate type which is however manifestly similar to that which the swords eminate when facing magic.

Now I say 100 paces becuase when the group was attacked in the last thread I said that I rated Agamarian Steel as 75% the strength of mithril at about double the weight for the same piece of armour. The arrow will puch through Agamarian plate armour at 200 paces, about the same as a real longbow for steel. That means a hit on mithril at 150 paces but I'm being generous and saying 100 paces sure hit.

So it has less to do with what you say about your armour and more to do with how I rate my armour vs yours.

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