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Originally posted by stoffe -mkb-
Files modified by the patcher are copied to the override folder while they are modified (only if they didn't already exist there in the case of 2da files).

However if you set them to replace existing files in the InstallList you will overwrite the GFF files the patcher has just modified with new unmodified copies from the tslpatchdata folder, which you usually don't want.
So basically, they (the gamers) needs to have a clean override folder (free from the files in the InstallList), correct?

So in order for someone to use this mod (if they already have a previous version) they would need to delete all the old files first, correct?

See I thought that the patcher copied all files to the override, then modified the necessary files... the copied files would overwrite the current ones and then the patcher would modify them and the ones that didn't get copied, like the 2da file would just simply be modified... maybe in the next beta release, it could work this way, that way you wouldn't have to worry about what gets overwriten as far as the uti files and the script files go anyway, and then everything gets modified after everything is copied to the override... (don't know if this will work or not, just an idea though )

ok, but i think i get the read me file thing, though

PS. if you could download my mod at (if you hadn't already) and take a look at it for me? please...

Thanks in advance
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