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BD, that is why we talk about the plot so things like that don't happen. What I have noticed is that we are basically going around in circles and really not making an progress.

So the sequence for the begining of the quest I see as follows.

1. The group lands on the planet either by riding the Drakes down, or the Asgardried.

2. Shortly after set down the map will point them towards the fortress (Dura?) and the group begins heading in that direction.

3. As the group walks they encounter a raiding party at which point an Agamari patrol helps them, and then escorts them to the fortress

4. At the fortress they are reunited with Hal, Allessa, and Drago.At which point they are asked to surrender any high tech weapons they may be carrying. The group will want to know why (for obvious reasons). The problem here being Guy (as I mentioned the Aesir will not be carrying high tech weapons). Remember Guy is blind and uses his spider contraption for transportation etc. I think it is reasonable to allows an exception for Guy at least to carry some of his equipment.

5. Hal, Allessa, Drago and any guide are tested to make sure they are not Loki, Hal give Vidar that sword you mentioned. Shortly after that they set off...

Is that alright with everyone?

And those arrows I assume are enchanted by some means?

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