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1. Yeah, fine.

2. Tol Dura, they could just head north, they'll see the fortress a way off.

3. Think of it more like a hunting party or patrol in force but yes. They'll be helped by an Agamarian patrol in force.

4. Well he'll have to argue his case but I think someone might speak up for him. Although they may have less sypathy than you expect. You'll see why when the group gets there.

5. Again, basically yes, though those might not be the ones they'll want to test.

The arrows? I have no idea how they work.

Now that Deac it back I ask again how he feels about Orthos having one leg.

This is all good stuff for when I write my book. I admit it, I'm using you guys to develop my characters. Notice how I slipped another two in in my last couple of posts?

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