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Secure that nuclear braggadoccio, soldier.


You stupid f*cking goatlover, do you have ANY idea how you have just coalesced the American sense of anger? Last night, we were disorganized and jaded, a western edifice of complacent denial as to just how dangerous this world is becoming. Today...the giant is awake, united and raging. We have planes, we have missiles, we have LOTS of young hotshots like our friend Rune here who want nothing more than to ferret you out of your hole with bayonets and string you up on worldwide teevee!

America is back. We haven't been this pissed off since Pearl Harbor.

'What's up is clearly defined as the opposite of what is down, in this case being the strongest source of local gravity...failing that, in space, what's up is opposite the direction of accelerative G-force--or, coincidentally, the same direction I happen to be targeting with these laser cannon. Die, b*tch!'

--Official forum space terrorist
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