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First, this act is an act of war. ANY attack made upon the United States, terroristic or conventional, CAN AND WILL be interpreted as an ACT OF WAR, and shall be delt with accordingly.

Unless the stupid m*ther****ing ****sucker piece of dog **** responsible for plannning this comes forwards, and we string him up by his balls on the Sears Tower, and cut his balls off, sending him miles down toward the ground.

This is low folks, as low as you can get. A sneak attack on OUR LAND. It's been 50 some odd years since that's happend, and it wasn't really our land yet. (not legally, it wasn't a state untill after WWII) These people will pay, and they will pay dearly for messing up OUR SKYLINE.

And think. The World Trade Center is literally, THE center for most US international and domestic financial operations. Our economy literally LIVES ON THE STOCK MARKET. If that nerve center is down, i can't imagine what'll happen. unless I'm wrong.
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