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I have several books/graphic novels in mind, centering around different characters I've created and certain things that happen to them..

What I have in mind is far more of a set of 'realistic' dramas in an unrealistic setting, rather than quest-based fantasy/technology-centered sci-fi. I have no interest in following a normal, standardized sci-fi/fantasy plot outline, even though obviously my universe is heavily steeped in elements of both.

I'm actually currently writing the first part. (and need to get moving since I need to have a new submission ready by the 25th; I'm part of a small novel writer's group)

You may think this weird, but I've actually been hesitant to use major characters (plotwise) in these RPGs, because obviously anything major happening to them here can't be incorporated into their personalities in the original stories.

For example: Termand Rwos was never anything more than a side character who happened to have a reputation and plays a pivotal but still minor role in the main storyline. (And I liked him.) Guy, Marin and Aidan, and most of the other characters I've used alot are also mostly side characters.

Major exception is K'Warra, but since he's an immortal nothing really fazes him. Nothing CAN be done to alter his basic personality in a manner significant to the story. But even he isn't one of THE main characters, since he always plays a secondary role. Even if it is a central one.

[/end ramble]

Technology-comparison-wise, since all my stuff is created with how it works with other stuff in my universe in mind, how it interacts with other people's stuff (e.g. Admiral tech, Star Wars tech) has always been a waffling point for me. For instance, I have no idea what the hardness of a Drake scale is in comparison to (for example) magically reinforced Blade Executioner armor.

Okay, on to RPG-related stuff.

Okay, well first off lets point out that the group can trust the Agamari.
Why would the group believe this? Whether or not they're shapeshifters doesn't matter - the Agamari are No One We Know. Which is one step away from Enemy, especially if they're trying to confiscate important stuff. And especially since everyone related to the Agamari has left the group now.

Just because the Agamari CAN be trusted doesn't mean the group WILL trust them.

So, good reasons:

1. Most of (the tech) is dead weight and useless.

2. They'll have to carry it.

3. No one is giving them extra pack animals for the purpose.

4. The chance of the group getting ambushed and lossing at least some of it is high.
Just how much crap does the group *normally* carry? Also, if the tech doesn't work for the group it can't work for the Tarsai. And if the tech doesn't work, they can get rid of it. Rather than give it up to possible unfriendlies.

5. If they don't leave it behind they won't be getting much help, which they will need. Guides at the very least. Not to mention sacrificial animals.
Why would they *NEED* guides when they have a map... and why would they need sacrificial animals? Those aren't part of the quest. (and can't be, because the designers of the quest couldn't have been sure that said animals wouldn't be extinct by the time the quest was activated.)

7. Admiral can confirm this, nay or yay, but if I were Loki I would use the Tarsai against the Agamari, ergo anything they loose will end up in Loki's hands and I doubt they want that.
Nothing any of the current group carries with them could help Loki. The Aesir's stuff would blow up, and Guy's stuff can't be duplicated with the resources Loki has available to him. The only thing Loki could capture that could conceivably help his forces would be Marin's morphing cube, and she doesn't carry that with her (plus to date only Aidan and Heimdall - plus whoever Heimdall might have told - know what it does, or even that it exists).

3. Well, yeah, okay. What if it was Guy's favorite do-hicky? The one his mother gave him?
Um... did I miss something? I don't recall Guy's mother giving him anything, for the minute and a half she was in the RPG.

4. Well I still don't but indestructable shields, from anything less than Gods that it is, so I assume that put under enough pressure the shield would fail. Seems reasonable, not that I'm trying to force you into being resonable.
A shield hardly needs to be indestructable to block arrows, even alot of arrows, especially ordinary ones. No amount of thrown rocks would get through the armor of a tank, right? But a tank's armor would collapse under enough pressure. Maybe if you enchanted the rocks

4. Well [Guy will] have to argue his case but I think someone might speak up for him. Although they may have less sypathy than you expect. You'll see why when the group gets there.
Just an FYI, if Guy actually still has all that tech to cart around with him when it gets to be this time, IF he gives it up, it would certainly have a failsafe on it. i.e. if the Agamarians tried to dismantle/destroy it, bad things would happen to them.

(There's a good chance Guy would give it up under the right circumstances; although he isn't bound by honor in any way he's pretty selfless.)

Of course at this point Guy may not have anything with him to give up if we/I take the storyline that way.

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