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Well In case your interested Hal is my main protagonist but initially he'll be around 17 years old. Coming from a violent world and given his backstory his demeanor will seem more reasonable. Allessa will appear in act 2 as his love interest and a plot point but I'm still not sure what she's going to be like. Drago will be another character in act 2, known as "The Dragon" only he won't be immortal he'll be around 40-50 and haunted by his failure to save Hal's father.

Now, on to buisness:

Right, shoving all the tech stuff out the window. I think we've answered that, including the bit about the arrows. Speaking of arrows, did you know a longbow is powerful enough to send a shaft through kevlar?

Why does the group need guides? Have you ever tried to walk the Andes ar travel the Congo without a guide? Maps only show you the ground. If all the group needed to know was where to go they wouldn't need guides.

Sacrifical Animals? They're going to the underworld. They don't need to sacrifice anything but if they don't they'll have to deal with all those angry spirits.

The thing about Guy's mother was a figure of speech.

Talked about the arrows.

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