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I've tried to explain things as best I can, but I know I'm terrible at explaining things. It's probably better to leave the explaining to someone else who's good at it (and is more proficient with English than I am). I've done the best I can to clarify things, if that's not enough there's nothing more I can do about it I'm afraid.

The TSLPatcher is a mod installer of a sorts, that is capable of adding information to certain types of files rather than just overwrite them if it already exists. It is by no means the final answer to making mods compatible, and it's only really useful for a limited type of mods. But for that type of mods it's at least better than nothing, IMHO, and can make installation a bit less of a headache for the non-modding end user.

Originally posted by MacLeodCorp

What does it do to the .2da file specifically, and why does it do it? I don't want to hear, it modifies the files so it is compatible.

That depends on what it has been instructed to do. It is capable of adding new lines to a 2da file (either from scratch or by copying an existing line and modifying its values), modify values on existing lines and add new columns to 2DA files. This is done from a set of instructions created by the maker of the mod that it is supposed to install.

I originally made the application in order to make it easier to install and distribute a Force Powers mod I created. Since spells.2da is modified by a lot of other mods, the TSLPatcher was made to add the necessary lines at the end of the existing file in override, saving people the trouble to manually merge the 2da files and link things together. Thus it should be compatible with any other force power mods that people may already have installed.

Also, since distributing dialog.tlk in its entirety is a bad idea, I needed some way to include the necessary text without including the full 10 Meg file, and (hopefully) avoid changing the language of the player's game if they have non-english versions.

Originally posted by MacLeodCorp

Why would you want to change anything in this file? (dialog.tlk)
Personally I needed it for my force powers mod. The force power names and description text needs to be added to dialog.tlk in order for the game to display it. Shipping the whole file with the mod would have made it incompatible with any other mods that modify dialog.tlk, would have added about 2 Meg to the download size, and would have caused trouble for non-english games. So I made the TSLPatcher add the necessary text entries to the already existing dialog.tlk file of the user who installs the mod. The patcher then modifies the spells.2da file to point to the correct StrRefs for these text entries.

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