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Oky, maybe this could help you!?

1. If I remember right, your program has defaults to open. However, those defaults are not the items that I the modder modified. To prevent confussion, I would delete those defaults, and just make a label that says: "Choose your .utis, .2da, etc...". Depening on what you need to alter.

2. I would also make it possible to choose, one .2da file with multiple .uti/,utc files. I think that would make some ease.

3. Now, I don't need to choose certain items, but your programs asks for them. That creates confusion. I would have the program open only files that need to be opened, and not files that have nothing to do with your edits. Example: dialouge.tlk may need to be open for all edits, but .uti does not need to be open.

4. Create a comprehensive readme, which states: If you altered these types of files, then the patcher needs to patch these files, so your mod can work.

5. Create a comprehensice readme, which explains how to install the patcher.

6. Delete your example files from the data folder, for it creates confussion. Exlpain certina important details in a readme, and use some screens.

I know you worked really hard on this program, and I thank you for everything you have done. Please don't take my posts as harshness. I really do enjoy and utilize your programs.

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