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Originally posted by MacLeodCorp

1. If I remember right, your program has defaults to open. However, those defaults are not the items that I the modder modified. To prevent confussion, I would delete those defaults, and just make a label that says: "Choose your .utis, .2da, etc...". Depening on what you need to alter.

2. I would also make it possible to choose, one .2da file with multiple .uti/,utc files. I think that would make some ease.

3. Now, I don't need to choose certain items, but your programs asks for them. That creates confusion. I would have the program open only files that need to be opened, and not files that have nothing to do with your edits. Example: dialouge.tlk may need to be open for all edits, but .uti does not need to be open.
Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you mean? If you set the TSLPatcher to installer mode, the only thing the user should have to select is the folder where the game is installed, not any individual files. Then it's up to the mod-maker creating the INI file with instructions to determine which files should be modified and link them together as necessary, and put the necessary files the patcher needs in the tslpatchdata folder.

Originally posted by MacLeodCorp

4. Create a comprehensive readme, which states: If you altered these types of files, then the patcher needs to patch these files, so your mod can work.
5. Create a comprehensice readme, which explains how to install the patcher.
Doubtful this is going to happen. I can think of few more boring things to spend my free time with than sitting for days writing comprehensive documentation for something only a handful of people use anyway. Especially with my english skills being what they are, and I doubt instructions written in my native language would be all that helpful to most people.

I try to answer specific questions to the best of my ability though if people wonder how to do something or if there is something unclear about how a specific feature works.

Originally posted by MacLeodCorp

6. Delete your example files from the data folder, for it creates confussion. Exlpain certina important details in a readme, and use some screens.
I left a few files in there as an example of how things are laid out. I usually find it easier to learn new things if I have examples to look at. But if it is more confusing than helpful I suppose I could remove all example files from the next version when I upload it.

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