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Many Thanks...and a ?

First, many thanks for this wonderful mod. I've played around with it, and it really does wonders for fleshing out the game.

Now, a (hopefully not too noob) question. I'm one of those who can only play on the Xbox (PC just isn't up to least not yet), and I know the textures for the blades appear odd becasue the xbox cannot handle the new textures. The new hilts appear to be fine, as far as I can see. The blades themselves appear like this: ][

My question is simply, is there a process that I can follow to modify the new sabers so that they will use the original xbox textures for the blades? I've played around modifying a few .uti files once and awhile, so I've got a (very) basic idea of how to use some of the tools. What kind of effort am I looking at here? Is this something that can be done with only a few mods per saber model, or something involving a great deal more work?

Thanks in advance,

Adept Havelock
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