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Looking back Drago saw that the riders they had broken through were reforming, wheeling their mounts and joining with the first group. Now more than fifty riders pursued the fleeing Aduni warriors. The horses were tireing, laden as they were with armoured warriors and full barding, they could not keep up this gollop for long and the enemy would be on them before they reached the walls.

Drago called out to Hal, "Get to the walls! I'll hold them."

Hal laughed almost histerically, "No need, look!" he said, pointing. Riding towards them through a cloud of dust were sixty riders in full armour, their scale shirts a dull grey and their green cloaks billowing out behind them. Drago could see that the Houseguards were bow armed, Aduri, his mind registered for him.

The group spurred their mounts on again, the Aduri parted forming into two three rank tumae and notched shafts to their bows. As the group headed for the gap between the warriors the first volley hit their pursuers. Ten riders fell, the second volley brought down fifteeen. Then the Aduni charged with swords.

Hal called out to the four Houseguards tasked with protecting his wife, "Get to her to the fortress." Without looking Hal turned his horse and entered the melee.

Behind him he heard the strangled cry, "NO!"

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