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Originally posted by DarthMoeller
I have not gotten far enough in the game with the USM installed to get to Mira or in my case Handmaiden to make their own lightsabers, but I have heard others complain of this as well. And I have had trouble getting Visas to make hers. Maybe this is something the USM team wants to look into.
Well here's the thing, there isn't really anything to look into. The only way it would not work is if you don't have globalcat.2da installed or the npc is modded jedi class.

The requirments for the dialog option to show is the npc jedi class and the lightsaber quest completion. For atton you have to talk to him about it off the ebon hawk because of where he is placed it really messed up the script. its not very complex so, I don't understand how it could be not working unless the problem is what I stated in the first paragraph.

I added a global to a dlg node when there multiclassed so that will open the dialog option and if for some reason that doesn't work I disguised my cheat nodes that will appear if npc is thir jedi class and if the global was not set.
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