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Bugfix version released.

I have uploaded version 1.1.4 here, it's a quick bugfix version for a bug that I just ran into.

Due to a bug in the code saving GFF files, a few files laid out in a particular way would become corrupted when they were saved (about 2 out of 20 of the files I tested with were affected). This is now fixed in v.1.1.4, and it seems to save all GFF files I've tested with properly.

This file contains only the fixed TSLPatcher.exe, since TalkEd.exe or ChangeEdit.exe haven't been modified since v.1.1.2.

Sorry about not spotting this error earlier, but since I haven't heard from anyone else about it I guess no one else has run into it yet anyway.

If you have made an installer with the patcher for a mod, and that mod works fine when installed, your files aren't affected by the bug and there's no need to repackage your mod with this version. But if you make a new mod that uses the patcher I'd suggest using this version instead.

* * *

As for the next full version with the new features that were requested, I've got a bit more free time to spare now and will get to work on it shortly.

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