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Jesus man, I've just heard the news and read through this post.
This incedent has angred me as much as any American, I spend alot of time in the US, it's almost like a second home to me, I almost cried when I heard the news, and saw it unfold before my eyes on CNN, my condoloncies(sp?) go out to all and everyone hurt by this evil act.

On the subject of flying these Airliners, a copy of a simulation such as Flight Sim 2000 would not be that difficult to get hold of and is very realistic, I personally have put many hours into that simulation and I belive I could take off fly and land it, it comes whith basic and advanced tutorials teaching flight tequnics and such. Somebody who had spent tiem with the program could easily if he hadthe will power carry out this dispicibly cowardly act.
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