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This is VERY serious, I have been following the news and:
1. People with cell phones on the hijacked planes gave detailed descriptions and seat numbers of the hijackers.
2. The hijackers used box-cutters and knives (which are easy to sneak on board a plane, before this happened)
3. People on the ground in Logan and Manhattan have been "held for questioning"
4. The Pentagon is still burning, it may all burn down since alot of it is wood.
5. Federal authorities are finding evidence linking this horror to a terrorist cell in Florida.
6. Gas station owners have been charging $5.00/gallon in my area, its so nice to know that some "people" know how to work a crisis.

"I could do it. They're very simple to control. There's a yoke that's not unlike a steering wheel that controls your left right motion. It pushes in and pulls out to control up down. You have two pedals that control the rudder. And you have the throttle quadrant. Child's play."

- No, it is'nt. Flying a REAL large passenger jet at 250 knots 100-200 feet off the ground to hit a target with any precision takes some extensive training.

BOTTOM LINE: I think the government has a good idea who funded and organized this attack at this point in time. The problem is how to tell the public WITHOUT causing WW3.
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