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Well, the only airliner I'm directly familiar with is the 737...
The guys were commercially trained pilots, assuming the current reports are correct. And the plane in PA was intentionally grounded after three passengers apparently seized control:
The mother of passenger Mark Bingham, 31, said she hoped his actions may have stopped an even greater disaster. The plane was the only one of four hijacked craft that did not reach its destination, crashing instead into a field.
"We know Mark was a very active and takecharge guy, he was a large man," Alice Hoglan, whose son called from the plane..."We're hoping that Mark had a chance to perhaps work with other passengers to thwart the intent of these hijackers
Another Flight 93 passenger, Thomas Burnett, 38, called his wife to say he feared his flight was doomed but he and two other passengers planned to do something about it
That's out of the local paper.

If I was on one of those planes and me and some other guys made a stand and we siezed control of the plane, I would have grabbed the fire ax and yelled "I GOT YER JIHAD RIGHT HERE ****ER" and proceeded to behead the terrorist dog.

I heard a rumor that in PA, the state attorney general said that anyone that raises gas prices will be prosecuted for price gouging.
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