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Tis a sad time to live in the world. Being in close proximity to Washington as I am, it's a bit scary. Since yesterday I can occasionally hear and even see some F-16s flying overhead or near here. America will not stand down.
After we have served justice to all parties involved, I propose that they rebuild the twin towers, making them 111 stories stall, with the extra story serving as a memorial in each tower.

This is our generation's Pearl Harbor. We must come together now as another generation did before us. One of my most memorable scenes from yesterday is a man out next to the highway, holding a raised flag, a silent show of support.

As far as who did this goes, 10 to 1 odds on bin Laden. If this does turn out to be the case, an international force must be assembled to bring him to justice, should Afganastan refuse to turn him over. We will chase him to the ends of the earth and back, knowing that good and justice are on our side.

"Here, people don't lock their doors, they deadbolt them, and then stick a chair under the knob."
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