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Originally posted by Andromeda:
edlib that is exactly what i was saying!!! i guess nobody understood it...either that or disregarded it cuz i'm a girl. whatever the case, that's what i meant.
Sorry Andy, I really didn't mean to steal your fire. I was agreeing with you and the others who took this side of the discussion, and trying to clarify the point.
In other news: I was about a block from where the action went down today in Boston. I can almost see the Westin hotel from my office window. And if I step outside I can see all of Copley square.
I suspected somthing was up when 20 or 30 cruiser went past in the span of 5 minutes. I went to my bosses office to listen to the radio, and when the words "Bomb Sniffing Dogs" came over the air he said "OK, time to go."
So an early day for me. I came home, mowed the lawn, and have been watching the patrolling fighter jets fly over about every 5 or 10 minutes.
What you might call a full day.

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