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Originally posted by CortoCG
What do you mean by bulky? The proportions are right, and everything is in place. I modelled the body from scratch using more than 50 reference images and a hi-res model of Boba Fett.
I wouldnt worry too much about those kinds of comments... I get these criticisms myself. I have to say it looks really good, unfortunately when I did my Mandolorians model pack I did in fact make them a bit to skinny. I had someone else doing the weights (Psyko pat)... and I kind of pushed him to get the weights going before spending more time on mesh tweaks. I was still learning the process steps at the time, and didnt realize that the mesh needed to be fully tweaked before weights...

Dont change the model (thats my opinion), it looks spot on. If people want a skinny Boba, they can download my model Marzout!
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