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Star Wars BattleFront: Space War

-The Story-

You are a Rebel Pilot. A space battle is currently going on above Tatooine, and you must help your side win the battle.

-The Rules-
You must be a Rebel
No Godmodding / Character Controlling
Keep the language PG rated
No one can be an Admiral

-Character Sheet-
Bio (Optional)

-Ship Sheet-
Heavy Ships:
Name: Hurricane
Type: Intradictor
Forward weapons: 3 Heavy laser cannons, 3 proton torpedoe launchers.
Port weapons: 3 Quad laser turrets
Starboard Weapons: 3 Quad laser turrets
Aft weapons: 1 concussion missile launcher 2 heavy laser cannons
Forward Deflectors: 3
port and ventral Deflectors: 3
Aft Deflectors: 3
Fighter Squadron complement: 5
Bomber Squadron complement: 2
Invasion ability: 8 landing/boading craft
Notes: Ability to create gravity wells

Name: Cloud
Forward Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon
Port weapons: None
Starboard Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon
Aft weapons: 1 concussion missile launcher
Notes: Ability to create gravity wells
I'll post my info later.

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