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Name: Jax Polara
Age: 24
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Equipment: blaster pistol
Bio (Optional): Jax is a pilot for the rebel alliace. he was once part of the legendary viper squadron, until it was destroyerd. He now comands Blue Group. It is thought that he and 3 other pilots fought against a bounty hunter called the phantom and they destroyed it but this is considered a rumour. Jax has skills is destoying star destoyers and is also a great pilot.

Ship Data:

Starfighter: B-wing
Name: Viper, V-4
Forward Weapons: 3 laser cannons
Port weapons: 1 ion cannon
Starboard Weapons:
Aft weapons: 4 heat seaking missiles, 4 Photon Torpedoes, 2 EMP torpedoes
Notes: has abiltity to carry over 30 missiles. heavy armour but faster than everage B wing.


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