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Pure Pazaak: Standalone Multiplayer Pazaak!

Latest Version: v1.2.4 (29/07/2007)
- My Pure Pazaak Homepage (with download links and screens)
- Obsidian Board Thread

New to Pure Pazaak? What is Pure Pazaak?

Pure Pazaak is a fan made Pazaak clone made by me in VB6.0 (yeh I know...yuck). It's a standalone, multiplayer capable Pazaak game designed to as closely as possible mimic the original Pazaak while providing more flexibile game options and ofcourse some basic multiplayer capability.
Main features of the project:
- Play Pazaak without starting or even installing KotOR.
- A configurable/flexible version of Pazaak in general
- Network Play! (Human-Human play, via DirectIP)

Some screenshots for you to preview the game . More screenshots in the screenshots link above.

and also has a what I hope is a nice looking manual I created...eventually:

Just some quick clarifications:
- This is not a mod (in the normal sorta way). It is a fully standalone from KotOR, so no need to start it up or even have it installed.
- All this stuff is copyright LucasArts, Bioware, Obsidian, (blah blah blah). My point is that the graphics and stuff are from the KotOR games themselves, not hand painted or anything like that but the have been some edits like the game backgrounds and stuff.
- Network play is via Direct IP, so it will be hard to find players to have games without some sort of meeting place. Best you can do (and might not be too useful itself) is to join the IRC channel which someone created to act as a game lobby. See the manual for more info.
- Like all the mods this is all an "amateur" project. I'm not a professional programmer or graphic designer or anything like that.

Hope you have fun and enjoy the game. If you have any feedback, suggestions or bugs to report just post in the thread.

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