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Name: Mira Kenobi
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Equipment: Prototype Clone Commando Armor

Name: The Renegade
Type: Warship
Forward Weapons: 10 Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 Nuke Launchers (2 Nukes in each)
Port weapons: 2 Heavy Quad Laser Turrets
Starboard Weapons: 2 Quad laser turrets
Aft weapons: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 5 Proton Launchers(20 Proton Torpedos in each)
Forward Deflectors: 3
Port and Ventral Deflectors: 3
Aft Deflectors: 3
Fighter Squadron complement: 10
Bomber Squadron complement: 5
Invasion ability: 5 Landing/Boarding Crafts
Notes: No blind spots on the ship, Strong shields, weak Hull

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