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Originally posted by DrMcCoy
while art (as in drawing and stuff) is so unprecise and random...
Which is why it's so appealing to people like Thrik and I, we get more freedom, we're not constrained by logical rules.

Frankly, I'm doing a degree in programming and I still find it incredibly boring, I may find it slightly more interesting as time goes on (i've only done one year, and it's a computing degree, so it doesn't fully encompass programming), but it'll never replace my love for art.

Originally posted by DrMcCoy
...Nope, it was quite logical, while compiling that lib, autoconf decided I've need support for large files and added "#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64" into the config.h, which made sys/types.h to typedef off_t as a long long. My program that used that lib didn't define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS, therefore sys/types.h typedefed off_t as a long. Then I had a function inside that lib taking a off_t as the third argument, which messed up the stack when called... Not quite plainly to see or notice, but logical nonetheless...
Now you see, about 10% of that paragraph made sense to me, and even that bored the hell out of me.

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