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Originally posted by Joshi
Which is why it's so appealing to people like Thrik and I, we get more freedom, we're not constrained by logical rules.
...Oh, I get a lot of freedom, as long as I follow the logic, while with art, you've got no idea what's right and wrong whatsoever...

Originally posted by Alien426
I think programming can be an art form. When everything comes together, the little bits and pieces work and you get what you want with nice, clean code... that's just nice.
...Hmm, you're right, you can see the structure of the code as some kind of art... When you see that the implementation really makes sense, when the code is clean and without any "dirty hacks", it's beautiful...

Originally posted by Alien426
I think that all the chrome is often useless. You can make a fast and beautiful web page just using CSS and text.
...That's exactly how I see it... But try to tell that these flash-with-useless-dozens-of-megabytes-eating-"beautiful"-graphics lovers...

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