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Along with the eight other Houseguards, and Drago, Hal charged the centre of the enemy formation, the reached the hell riders a second after the Aduni crashed into black armoured warriors. The fighting was fierce, Drago smashed his hand axe down on a rider's helm, splitting it down the midridge and cloving into the skull. Hal's own blade took off one warrior's arm then arced up to cut into the neck of a second, slipping under his helm. The spray of blood turned his armour from a dull grey to dark red. Out of the corner of his eye Hal sword a warrior with a longsword go after Regnor, already engaged with two of the enemy. Twisting in the saddle Hal thrust his sword out to the left, aiming for the man's kidney, the sword was stopped short by the scale shirt but the force of the thrust was enough to knock the rider off balance long enough for another of the Houseguards to land a blow on the unprotected neck of his horse. The stricked beast reared and threw its rider before collapsing in the middle of the melee.

Finally the Hell Riders broke, surveying the bloody ground Hal saw twenty of the enemy slain, of the Aduri four had been killed outright and six carried wounds that would see them out of action for some time. Of the eight Aduni Houseguards who had entered the fight only one was dead, though two more carried wounds.

Hal walked his horse over to the leader of the Aduri troop, had they not been so exposed he would have removed his helmet before he spoke. "My thanks to you, had it not been for your timely intervention I do not think we would be here now."

The officer inclined his head, "We do no more than is our duty, we were instructed to escort an Aduni Lord, newly arrived from the south. We would have met you sooner but we were delayed by a skirmish with an enemy warband to the east, they attacked one of our supply trains and we had to lead it back to the fortress." The man paused to look more closely at Hal's armour even beneath the blood the markings were visible, "My Lord, we were lead to believe that no kin of the Black Wolf survived the massacre." The man seemed suddenly ill at ease.

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