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Originally posted by Das Mole
Speaking of jobs, I have an "audition" on Tuesday at Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream place where like everyone I know works...I really hope I don't have to sing. Apparently, you're supposed to sing little songs from time to time for the most pointless things..."Thanks for the tip! Thanks for the tip! Blah blah blah...*something that rhymes w/tip*"...or some sh*t like that....


lol stuff like "♫thanks for the tip... i look like a git.... and sound like a tit♫"

after a while you'll bejust talking the tunes or grunting stuff like "thanks for the tip... no double it or no ice cream...."

yyeeeap. you'll be a mean old git.

most ice cream people are old and grumpy.

uh... good luck though....
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