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Originally posted by Darkkender
I've been noticing alot of the double sabers are missing icon files for there crystals. Was this on purpose or accident. 2 off the top of my head are the BA-122 and Brianna's double saber.
is it a particular color? or all of them (the BA-122)... I'll double-check the .rar when I get home, though I keep thinking that there was one I missed (perhaps yellow?)...

There used to be a link on the old thread that had the fix, but I'm not sure if it's included with the 3 on the very first post?... I'll check once I'm home and post it if it's not included in the first 3...

However, if there is alot of them missing... do you have conflicting models / mods... (yeah, I know.. silly question aimed towards the Compatibility Master, but I had to ask.. hehehe )

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