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Hal noted the man's demeanor, then moved past it, "Lead on, Captain."

The man bobbed his head once, "Yessir."

With that the warriors formed two collums, with Hal and the Aduri officer leading. The collum wound its way through the mountain pass until it came to the first wall of the fortress. As they approached the gatehouse they were hailed from the wall.

"Halt, who comes?" came the voice of a young man, carrying less authoriety than he intended.

Hal responded, "I am Halren Taklinsson, of the Car'Flaxoi Clan, of the Aduni Tribe. With me are the Dragon and warriors of the Aduni and Aduri tribe." Hal removed his helmet so that the sentry could see his face. From his vantage point on the ground it was impossible to see the boy's expression but the head dissapeared
over the parapet and, after what seemed like an age, reapeared.

"You may pass, Lord of the Aduni." Hal was greatful of the addition. He hadn't used it himself because, frankly, he didn't know if it was his. Hal lead the troop through the outer wall and into the fortress, the doors closed behind them.

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