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Scar: The Cantina Group (Odin, Deac, Flax, etc) were essentially copied and told go grab the time matrix. As such in this time line they are dead.

I'll deal with the simplest matter first, taking help from the Agamari.

The only time the group recieved any help from the Aesir was before the battle of Midgard. The group was forced to accept the Aesir's help, mainly since Heimdall went directly to the main Aesirian encampment. From that point the group wasn't given much of a chance to refuse any aid.

Now lets really look at the aid that was given. The group was given supplies and Idona joined them. The reason she joined is partly personal which will be shown in the thread, and as another warrior. So the help was minimal.

With that said the main problem with the guide/help from the Agamari is having the quest dependent upon that. The quest makers wouldn't have that. With that said Hal can certainly offer the group guides, pack animals, supplies whatever. The group may or may not accept all or part of the aid. The quest just cannot be dependent upon that aid.

And just one thing about having a guide. He wouldn't be able to take the group on a less dangerous path, the quest makers would have seen to that. Reason: They want to make it hard on the group.

Just for illustration: To reach the time matrix there are two paths. One is through a nice pleasant valley with tall trees, a could of gently flowing streams. The other path is through the firey pits of hell. The questmakers would see to it tha the group would have to go through hell (regardless if there is a guide saying, bad idea), to reach the time matrix, and then back again to get away with it. and not just so they can say they been to hell and back again.

Oh, just something else for you to consider, any guide could be Hal son/daughter if you wanted to make things a little interesting.

The Underworld: The sounds much better BD. I do have a few caveats though.

Well to use christain terminology, what you describe is a sort of purgatory/limbo for souls who can't pass to the next level (mainly a type of heaven) since some rites haven't been preformed. If this is the case then I don't really have a problem with the "Agamari underworld"(for a lack of a better name).

I would have a problem if it was the entire underworld. Mainly since we have already shown that the underworld has levels with Niflheim being on the lowest level of the Realm of the Dead. Also that depending on your culture/race different things happen. The Jedi for instance become "one with the force" although some are still able to linger in the mortal world.

As I said, if this "Agamari underworld" is just another level there shouldn't be a problem. Although you wouldn't find any dead Aesir there (they go to another place(s) when they die, this of course the destination is dependent on how they lived their lives).
War: My main point is that the group isn't going to try and get entangled in that war. How successful they are is another story. I don't know how your going to have the war (who is winning/who is lossing) but I would say it would fit the times if the Agamari are losing.

Agamari are ruthless barbarians is the reason the Norns/Odin wouldn't have a quest dependent upon them

The Aesir being deemed unworthy does go directly against Hal giving Vidar that sword in friendship.

However lets just say the Aesir were declared "unworthy", and the Agamari attacked the men.

1. You attack an Aesir you will have to deal with all of them (including the females).

2. The Drakes will come to the Aesir's aid without hesitation and proceed to unleash an inferno upon the Agamari.

3. The Asgardried would commence an orbital bombardment.

4. While the Agamari may hurt one of the Aesir, it would turn into a slaughter for the Agamari.

Keep in mind that the Aesir are by far the most heavily trained warriors in this galaxy. Also they have hundred of years of combat experience and finally the Aesir on this quest are members of their Elite forces (Beserks, Einherjar, and Valkyries) so the Agamari wouldn't just be dealing with common soldiers.

That is just something to keep in mind. I really don't want to go through another serious of my troops will slaughter yours, no mine will etc.

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