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Originally posted by BattleDog
Thankyou for articulating all that Admiral, Red seems to be a bit ham fisted with the keyboard at the moment.
Heh - and I thought Admiral was being harsher than I was! Obviously my tiredness is interfering with my clarity

For example, there will be millions of souls stuck on the wrong side of the river because they are unburied due to their planets being blown up. So there will be plenty of silent finger pointing at the Aesir. Another example, members of the group's families will be there, although people like Deac and Odin wouldn't be in the Shades, so you won't see any Cantina characters, the likes of Cracken would be in Hell at this point.
I do like this whole underworld idea. Need to add to the caveat that Admiral gave, though - no culture who didn't have a tradition of this would necessarily end up in this part of the underworld (especially with the VERY culture-specific idea that burial is necessary). Definitely no one related to any extradimensionals, or Raschel (this being because Raschel has no relatives in this galaxy.

Originally posted by Admiral
Scar: The Cantina Group (Odin, Deac, Flax, etc) were essentially copied and told go grab the time matrix. As such in this time line they are dead.
Actually to clarify: The Cantina Group wasn't copied - it was taken out of the time stream. But this hasn't happened yet. It won't happen until this time line finishes itself. When it does happen, this time line will change, with the Cantina Group being missing, rather than dead. Of course, nothing will happen any differently since "missing" is for all intents and purposes the same as "dead".

Yeah, kinda irrelevant, I know.

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