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((Hoping this post makes sense. I'm kinda dead right now x_x))

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Marin: I suppose I agree as well with your leadership proposal, Heimdall. We'll just have to be careful. If we keep infighting... or disassociating with each other, which I admit is something I've been guilty of as much as anyone else here... it won't work. But then again... if we can't work together we can't win this thing.

Guy: Elaina, your question brings me to something else we need to discuss. What are we to tell the new people we pick up about our mission? So far this decision has been made abritrarily by each one of us personally, without regard to possible consequences.

I feel we also ought to discuss as a group what we are going to do with the new... companions we've picked up. Specifically, the three captives.

In addition to that: We need to discuss what we are going to do about the four of us who are now missing.

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