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Originally posted by DarthMoeller
I was just playing it, and I noticed something that might not be right. First, the +/-1T card means that if you and your opponent score 20 but you play this then you win the tie, right?

If I am right, then I played a -1T card when I had 21, and then my opponent (the computer) played a +1 to give him 20 as well. So I should have won, shouldn't I have?
It was going to be like that but then someone asked about it on the Obsidian boards (why it didn't work for him in the real game) and that's where I found out that it only applies if it's the final card played (by any player).

So you played your Tie Breaker, then the computer played his +1, which means the Tie Breaker doesn't apply - yeh, I know, it's kinda strict but it's supposed to be close as possible. I've tried to confirm this myself but I can never seem to get a case to do it in...

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