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Heimdall: Marin, that is what we are trying to stop and I think this is the first step to do that. Guy, those are valid points we need to discuss but lets finish the leadership issue first. So this is the final chance for anyone to give another idea, or comment.

Asgardried: Yes, elect me to be your supreme overlord. I promise to be fair and just in my edicts, besides you know my artificial intellect is far superior then your emotionally ridden minds.

Heimdall: No.

Asgardried: Fine, do I at least get a vote in this council?

Heimdall: No, does anyone else have something to say?

Asgardried: Fine.

*Afterwaiting a minute, Heimdall looks at each person in the group before speaking again.*

Heimdall: Since there is no other proposal my leadership idea passes. Remember that this is not final and we can always change the leadership system in the future if we need to. With that said I want each of you to think about two people you want to act as your leaders and how long before we choose a new leader. This is a big decision so tonight I want everyone to think about it and sometime tomorrow tell the Asgardried. The ship will keep an acurate tally and when everyone has voted it will give the results. I'm also doing this so no one gets a bruised ego.

With that settled lets move onto the issue Guy brought up. How much should we tell our three guests and any potential new members?

Idona: Well it all comes down to trust and how much we want to risk. The more people who know what we are doing the greater the chance our enemies will find out and possibly stop us or reach the time matrix before we do. The three former captives should be told only what they need to know, which in my opinion is that we are going to be facing exterme danger and have many enemies. I also don't see any harm in telling them about the holocaust. I don't think we should tell them about the quest for the time matrix though.

Of course if they become group members that we can trust, they have every right to know exactly what we are going after and the dangers that they will face, this goes for any new group member as well.

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