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Originally posted by JacenPrime
Two things:

A - Are Vrook's and Nihilus' saber supposed to be upgradeable, because they aren't for me

B - In the compatability list, it says the Jedi vs Sith Armors are compatable, but for some reason it isn't working for me (I'm not sure if its that mod or USM) all the other thinks that are compatable with it work
A) nope. They were left as non-upgradeable

B) That's my mistake
Although the .2da entries should be correct (the USM's), the .uti baseline entry of the armor(s) will need to be changed to point to the correct .2da line.. for some reason the .uti keeps reverting back to the "old days" when if the baseitems.2da skips a line number, the .uti self adjusts itself to the next available line... I can't remember which line #'s it is right off-hand but I think it's #107 & #108 (I'd double check the USM's baseitems.2da to be sure though)...

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