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Originally posted by Darth333
I never cheked where the scripts were fired for the USM at that place but it possibly has something to do with the different options available, like for Vrook.
The script is fired from a trigger at the other side of the cort yard from the entrance, that triggers Kreia's entrance and then equipes the sabers. I tested with and without kreia and it was working, I swear I must have seen that scene close to 50 times

Originally posted by Darkkender
[B] I have the purple BA-122 and the Aqua Brianna's is missing hers for me. No incompatibilities FYI, a incompatibility in this instance would produce a crystal icon of some sort and not the big white square of doom for an Icon. And before you ask I don't use subfolders.(I Hate them with a Passion.)
Do the cystals still work? It sounds to me that either the icons are missing all together or the uti is missing.

I know that the crystal icons are not missing from USM I just check them in KSE and they all have icons.

Really you "Hate subfolders", I love subfolders, I can't stand getting mods all mixed up it also helps when working on a mod to keep the files isolated, But I'm meticulous with what goes into my override.
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