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((One of my posts hasn't been eaten I'm just skipping past this because I don't want to describe the fortress twice.))

Two mail clad Guildsmen with Black Bills pushed open the door the the great hall, the entire keep was an exact copy of the original keep at Agusil, while Carr'Agusil had been greatly alterred over the millenia Tol Dura remained unchaged. The great hall was fully one hunded paces long, thirty paces wide, while at its highest the arched roof was twenty paces above the floor. Like its twin the hall had twelve fires, six on the left and six on the right. Now a nobleman stood infront of each fire, fully armoured, with his back to the blaze.

Hal's eyes were drawn to the dais at the far end of the hall, there eleven chairs had been placed in a semicircle, a cresent moon looking inwards. Once a man would have sat in each of those chairs, save the centre one. Now the outermost chair on the left was covered in a black shroud, the Sarans had been wiped out in the Holocaust; the next chair over had been ritually split by an axe, the Kelanori were bellow contempt; in the next chair sat a huge red headed man with a braided beard dressed in a green tunic and mailshirt. The seat next to the huge man was occupied by a youth in brown and yellow, looking slightly undersized in his full armour and open faced helm. The faces of the other men were hidden by their helms, two more chairs were covered in black and one more, that of the Agori had been split.

Hal's eyes took all this in as he strode to the dais but his gaze was drawn to the centre chair, razed above the others, and the man now seated in it. Hal knew from memory that the man's head obscured the golden eight pointed chair set into the chair back. The armour the man wore was the stuff of legend. The scale coat was gold, not steel, the hems of the sleeves and skirt were blue silver while more silver scales identified the split in cut front for riding. The greaves and vambracers were also silver, edged with gold and with the eight pointed star picked out in gold repeated down their length. The man's boots and gloves were also protected by silver scales. The plate protecting the man's throat was silver with the star in the centre, again gold. The Man's helmet was blue silver with gold plate on the midrib and gold patterning picked out on the face plate. The star was repeated either side of the midrib on the crown of the helmet and dissapeared down the back. The helmet's aventail was again crafted from gold scales, edged with sivler ones at the bottom. Silver plates patterned with gold were rivited to the man's crossed bauldrics, totally obscurring the leather. The man's cloak was finely woven whool in a rich royal bue, edged with gold and fastened over his shoulder by a star broach in in gold.

Yet all of this Hal registered only peripherally, his mind was focused on the sword laying accros the man's lap. The weapon was sheaved in a scabared covered in yet more blue silver, the fittings, again, were gold. Only the hilt of the weapon was visible. The crossguard was heavy, thick near the blade and then tapering down, until the ends rounded off. The pommel was flatened like the crossguard, near the grip it curved up gently, then tappered up to form a six sided cocked hat. Both the pommel and crossguard were engraved with knottwork and these too were gold. The grip appeared to be bound with royal blue thread and was bound with silver wire. Even without seeing the blade Hal knew it was silver, broad, deep fullered and engraved with an interlocking double spiral that ran the length of both faces.

Suddenly Hal realised he had walked to the foot of the dais, suddenly he realised how exposed he was, the others were outside, here he was all alone. All their lives hung by a thread, he knew what he had to do.

Halren Taklinsson Car'Flax, Lord of the Aduni knelt before his King.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!

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