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FInished the game ages ago........

Upon completing it, my immediate reaction was "W.T.F.?!"

It's glitchy, bug-ridden, confusing, theres so much cut content that most of the game makes NO sense, it has NO replay value, and the story was nonsensical.

You spend FAR too much time wandering around aimlessly.
There seems to be no real driving motivation for the wandering around, which in particularly makes it so utterly aimless.

Kreia's "teaching" seems to be limited to one thing on Nar Shadaa and another on Dxun, and berating you whether you're good or evil.

Most of the characters have zero small talk, and the information you do squeeze out of them is very little at VERY irregular intervals.

Bao-Dur seems to be nothing more than a convenient plot device, with minimal fleshing out done. For proof, try talking to him once you have your lightsabre and have made him a Jedi.

Force Sight is COMPLETELY useless, and seems to have been another somewhat inexplicable inclusion.

Far too much seems to hinge, too, on very minor and difficult-to-work-out sidequests.

I actually have to force myself to play it, even if I'm beta-testing a mod!
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