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((Red: That would be the Asgardried Cargo Hold, not Docking bay.))

Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall quickly scans the lounge*

Heimdall: Currently eight people are in favor of telling the former captives just about the holocaust and nothing else until we *motioning to everyone* determine that they can be trusted with more information. Actually if I vote for Vidar by proxy that would put nine people in favor of this, either way its a majority. So unless someone has something else to add I would say the matter is at a close.

Next issue is the matter of missing group members. Currently we do not know where they, let alone if they are still alive, so there is actually very little to decide upon. What we do know is that the kidnappers were extradimensionals, and I'm fairly positive that they were the same ones who attacked us on Midgard. Guy you are perhaps the best qualified to investigate and try and find out what has happened to the missing members and where they are. When we have more information we can come back to this and make an intellegent decision.

Svafa: I would just add, that while the quest is paramount, we owe it to them to mount a rescue attempt as soon as possible.

*Heimdall nods his head in approval before speaking*

Heimdall: Raschel, now to your question. While it is almost certain that we are the only ones able to reach the time matrix, there is always the possiblity no mater how small that someone else can get to the time matrix before us. It is best to be prepared for that and try to minimize the risk of that happening.

Also keep in mind that another possiblity is that others follow us, letting us take all the risk with the intention of grabbing the Time Matrix right before we do. I know Loki would either love to stop us from finishing the quest or to lay his hands on the Time Matrix. I am also certain Misea has told him everything she knew about this quest so we can be sure he is aware of the Time Matrix and our intentions. As such he will either try an infiltrate this group or send everything he has against us in oder to ensure we never finish the quest.

Now is there anything else or should I continue onto the briefing of our destination?

((I'm moving things along just a little so that we can end this meeting and arrive at the planet before the end of August with any luck))

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