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Do you read comics? Anime discussion now included!

So, do you read comics and if yes, what titles and why do you like them?

In my country it's impossible to find a person who hasn't read Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comics at one point of their life. I don't really like them as much as I used to (though I'll forever give the fantastic Italian artists a bow) but they're still entertaining, I guess.

Then there's W.I.T.H.C., the Italian comic about magical girls. The plot is cliché, the art borrows from Japan, but it's strangely addictive. I just wish the cartoon didn't suck so much.

Lately I've started growing interested in more mature western comics, so I think I'm going to start keeping an eye on stuff released by DC. Marvel isn't really my stuff, for some reason.

And now that I've ranted about myself, as usual, I'd really like to learn about your comic favourites. Perhaps we can recommend titles to each other.

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